Links of Interest: The N-Judah at All City, Dogfest 2011, More Switchback Talk, and More!

NJudah300.jpgI’ve been lagging on posts this week, due to a number of things that I had to do this week. So, to catch up, here’s some Links of Interest for this week.
-First, the picture featured in this post is from the new photoblog, “All City.” which promises to be a wonderful site for urban photography. Here they caught an unusual shot of the N going through Powell Station!
-Next, I wanted to do an urgent shout-out to the folks at McKinley School who are putting on DogFest 2011 in Duboce Park. This annual event for dogs, their guardians, and anyone who likes dogs, parks, good schools, or just plain fun helps support the ongoing arts and science programs at the school. I try to go as often as I can, as I no longer have a dog of my own, but dogs are cool.
-Remember the last time the City Operations and Neighborhoods Committee (led at the time by Sup. Carmen Chu) grilled Muni about the constant “switchbacks” of the N and L and M? Remember how both Supervisors Chu and Avalos were having none of Muni’s BS, and held Muni brass’s feet to the fire?
Well if you missed out on your chance to say something, stop by City Hall on Monday, March 28th, starting at 10am (!) and say something. Although the focus is on the J and 14 Mission lines, let’s remind some of the new members of the committee why this is a systemwide problem, and that Muni can’t keep offering excuses. The committee is now chaired by Sup. John Avalos, and now has Supervisors Mar and Elsbernd on board, as Sup. Chu now chairs the Budget committee.
Today is likely to be a rainy day of sorts, and it’s Critical Mass day, so plan accordingly. Perhaps I’ll see some of you at the Other Cafe Comedy Night at the JCC! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Bob Davis says:

    When I visit The City and ride the “N” past Duboce Park, I often think of the Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown and Linus are at the park. Snoopy is nearby, hopping up and down with a rather grim look on his face. Linus: “What is your dog doing, Charlie Brown?” “He’s ‘frolicking’, Linus” “Frolicking?” “Yes! I brought him ten blocks to Duboce Park to frolic, and he darn well better FROLIC!” (a bit of “local color” added to the original)

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