Declaring War on Muni’s Proposed Fare Increases

So I was reading the news that Muni plans on jacking up the cost of monthly Fast Passes once again. Ever since Nathaniel Ford took over the MTA, jacking up fares has been a constant. Even though this latest increase appears small, when you consider how cheap a Fast Pass was just a few years ago, and add in the fact that there have been significant, permanent cuts to service, and the fact that reliability is a joke, and you realize that the San Francisco Mantra of “Pay More, Get Less” (at least for us citizens, not billionaires) is alive and well.
I think it’s time Muni’s Owner/Riders drew the line, and said “Hell NO” to this latest increase. As in the past, if Muni simply did a better job of fare collection, and collected what it was owed, this fare increase, like the last one, would not have been necessary. And no, I don’t suggest that we do this via more fare inspectors per se, instead I’d like to see the MTA board and its very well paid CEO get locked into a room and not let out until they come up with a complete overhaul of how Muni is funded, permanently, and get us out of this death spiral of cuts and fare increases.
We pay a lot of people very well, and we no longer have Prince Newsom standing in the way. Since apparently this concept is difficult for the massive MTA to understand I’ll break it down for them:
1. You paid millions for the Transit Effecitiveness Project, which tells you what system you need to run properly. Use it. Figure out how much it would cost to pay for it, no cuts ,no buts, no nonsense. There. Now you have your budget. (Don’t forget to include maintenance – broken buses and trains serve no one.)
2. Now find a way to pay for it. First, squeeze every penny of efficiency you can, and PROVE IT to the public. No more “pay me not to work days” for operators. No more “pay me not to work days” for the CEO. No more waste. And document, document, document.
3. Relying on parking tickets and fare evasion fines is a stupid way to make up for hundreds of millions of dollars the state illegally looted over the past several years (a co-production of our ex governor and his Democrat allies, LOL). After you’ve done 1 and 2, and proven to a public weary of bullsh!t from City Hall that you are not going to spend money on silly stuff, find a permanent, stable LOCAL way for us to pay for it. If that takes lobbying, some hard work and late nights, and mobilizing resources to get things done, THEN DO IT. I’ll leave it to the well paid folks to determine this one, but it has to happen. And you’re going to have get the approval of 2/3rds of SF. Yes, that’s difficult, but it has to happen.
4. This will never happen, but the bazillion dollar Subway to Nowhere needs to go. I know the money can’t be used for anything else, but what is the point of building this drag on the system, when the money could be spent better, elsewhere? Again, killing it won’t happen, but don’t be surprised if a Republican Congress decides to do to it what others did the Alaska’s Bridge to Nowhere. After all, they just killed all that money to keep the Presidio self sufficient as a “FU” to former Speaker Pelosi.
These just the thoughts that come to mind after writing about this nonsense for almost six years – and most of it should sound familiar, as much of it has appeared here or in the SF Weekly before. The point is this – at this point, we need something simple people can rally around to call attention to this current problem, and the projected future problems in an election year. So I suggest to those that consider themselves “pro-Muni” and “pro-Transit” to get behind a “no fare increase/no cuts” campaign NOW, and force some honesty in the discussions about Muni, past and present.
If people in other countries can brave getting shot at to bring freedom to their countries, surely comfortable San Francsicans can let the MTA, Mayor Lee, and the Board of Supervisors know that the leadershp vacuum on the MTA Board and in the CEO’s office is no longer acceptable, and it’s time to be proactive to make this city have a transit system that would make as many people as possible WANT to use it, instead of driving a car all the time.
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6 Responses to Declaring War on Muni’s Proposed Fare Increases

  1. MrEricSir says:

    When the fares went up from $1 to $1.25 back in 2003, there was all sorts of outrage — even public protests.
    But with every increase since then (and there have been many), it seems like the outrage has been chipped away at bit by bit. Fare increases went from being an unusual, horrible thing to an expected reoccurring problem, sort of like stamp prices.
    Now we’re all just too apathetic to do anything but whine about it on the internet.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    I agree. And yeah, it is a bit of a goof to be talking about it on the Internet etc. but at the same time, I think this year, with an active campaign for an open Mayor’s seat, it might the chance to force some real discussion, not floaty BS promises from politicians. I mean “Everyone” “supports Muni” but look at how dumb some politicians are about it. At least Scott Weiner actually takes an interest and OMG he relies on it to go to work, while others seem content with finding new ways to de-fund it.
    I don’t expect this to end up some Really Big Thing, but it would be nice if it could be used as a lever to get people to pay attention more, instead of just accepting that they are serfs to a feudal system that requires them to give up their hard -earned money so some lazy folks at City Hall can cash big checks while not working.

  3. david vartanoff says:

    As a negotiating ploy demand return of BART usage to ALL monthly passes. (Maybe 2 bucjs more for the no BART pass but returning BART usage would be okay, WITH immediate salary caps for the bosses.

  4. Karl says:

    “I’d like to see the MTA board and its very well paid CEO get locked into a room and not let out until they come up with a complete overhaul of how Muni is funded”
    You are barking up the wrong tree IMO. Start at City Hall, BOS level up all to way to D.C. Off the cuff, there’s not nearly enough revenue generated at the gas pumps to support a sane level of highway construction/maintenance and of course, public transportation.

  5. anonymouse says:

    I’d like to see the MTA board and its very well paid CEO lose any and all city car privileges and have to actually use the system they are supposed to be overseeing. If it’s not good enough for them, why should it be good enough for us?

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