The ISOCK is coming to the Inner Sunset May 28th!

labyrinthfilm.jpgThisSaturday, people in the Inner Sunset will get to enjoy the third rollout of ISOCK – the Inner Sunset Outdoor Cinema Kit, which will be showing the movie “Labyrinth” at the Yes We Can house at 6th and Irving. Before I get to details, you might be wondering “what is an ISOCK” anyway?
I talked to Adam Greenfield, who worked with a team of volunteers to put this unusual portable device, which can show movies, slideshows, play music, etc. – all in a self contained unit that includes all the things you’d need to start doing something outdoors without out having to scramble to put all the pieces together. It’s an interesting idea and asked Adam how he got the idea for it.
“ISOCK was inspired by something I saw at a Mission Sunday Streets event back in last year’s World Cup tournament. People were sitting on chairs outside a garage, watching a soccer game on a projection screen. I took a photo of it (attached). The idea seemed perfect for cash-strapped community-builders; everyone likes watching movies and there are a million places you could set this up. So, here in the Inner Sunset back in November, we collected donations from the community and earlier this year built ISOCK, which is basically a kit that lets you show movies almost anywhere.” said Adam.
I have to say I’m always impressed when people take it upon themselves to do something that improves the neighborhood, especially via a grassroots movement like this. Either way, the potential for the ISOCK sounds like a lot of fun. This week’s event at the Yes We Can House starts at 8pm and will be held in their amazing backyard, showing the movie “Labyrinth” courtesy of Le Video. Suggested donation is $5-$10, and it is suggested you bring a potluck dish to share. Go to the ISOCK site for more information, and follow this link for a promo for the film.
If you haven’t seen this movie yet, this might be a good way to see it again for the first time -amongst friends and neighbors on a Saturday night. I don’t think I’ve seen this movie in ages, so I might stop by and check it out!

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