Today’s Commute Sucked, Didn’t It?

Today’s commute sure did suck, didn’t it?
Not only was there a “suspicious” package on Irving and 8th (which meant I couldn’t leave my building!) but the L had a big ol’ fail as well.
The first issue really isn’t Muni’s fault, especially in the light of last night’s news. But the second is. And when I read this report that Overpaid Muni CEO Nat Ford can’t guarantee he’ll keep doing his job (but will, of course, demand millions of dollars in a buyout if he leaves).
From all of us, Mr. Ford, can I just say: F*CK YOU, you greedy jerk-ass. We don’t get paid not to work, neither should you.

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4 Responses to Today’s Commute Sucked, Didn’t It?

  1. Castro says:

    200 people waiting on the Castro inbound platform at 9am this morning…

  2. Marcie says:

    Muni has been a wreck for the last two weeks. I have been resorting to driving to Daly City and taking BART. The shuttle buses sitting at West Portal because they don’t have enough train operators is just insulting, let alone the continued accidents and constant slowness in the tunnel. Doesn’t Nat Ford know how to operate a light rail vehicle – maybe he should get out there and drive.

  3. JR says:

    Yeah, we are definitely on a down cycle for Muni right now. I’ve arrived at work ready to punch someone in the nose 3 or 4 times in the last couple weeks.

  4. John Rogers says:

    Another screwy trip on the N to the ballgame on Saturday night… Arrive at Cole and Carl and am glad to see a Nextbus message that there’s an N in 2 minutes. Then a bus marked N Judah rolls up, and the waiting crowd piles on. I ask why there’s a bus, and the driver tells me I can wait for a train if I like, so we do. The train arrives a couple of minutes later, and we get on. At Duboce and Church, just as we’re pulling out, the aforementioned bus pulls up and disgorges its passengers, who are unhappy that getting on the bus made them miss the train. At around Civic Center the destination of the train changes from Caltrain to Embarcadero, and when we arrive at the very crowded Embarcadero Station we are told to exit the train which is now out of service. People are understandably grumpy. Then we’re told that the train is not going out of service after all and we should get back on. Our friends traveling in another car are caught in the confused crowd and can’t get back on. For the return trip, we find no trains at all at the platform, but a line of busses marked shuttle. No Muni personnel are on hand to explain anything. Then two trains pull in. A flashing sign says there’s no N service, but there’s an N train. We get on the train. At Embarcadero, hundreds of people who had walked or taken the busses, now get on the train. all the way back to Cole and Carl, it is so packed you can’t move.

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