Reset SF (aka Ting For Mayor) Hosts a Muni Forum on 8/23

Next week “Reset SF” (aka the Phil Ting for Mayor Camapign) is hosting a forum on Muni issues on August 23rd at the Hall of Flowers building at 9th and Lincoln. Although this is a campaign event, I’ve attended one of these events before and they do try to listen to people a bit more than your standard campaign fundraiser/rally. Internet Cynics can yak all they want about how this is all “fake,” but you have to give Ting’s campaign some credit for at least trying to do something different.
I will be speaking at this event as a blogger/person interested in Muni, but as I have said before, I will not endorse any candidates for Mayor during the election season. Instead I’ve extended an offer to all of the major candidates to talk to them and their campaign staff about Muni issues for an hour. The goal is to gauge candidates’ interest/knowledge in Muni, and to encourage good policy making so no matter who wins, we at least have a shot at getting away from the mistakes of the past.
I’ve already met with City Attorney Dennis Hererra, and have talked to Bevan Dufty and Joanna Rees’ campaign about setting up a meeting too. (Personally I would really like to meet up with Jeff Adachi, if only because he’s not just an attorney – he’s a filmmaker – and I saw his responses to a Democratic questionnaire that indicate he really DOES understand Muni.)
I’m still trying to figure out the best format for a re-run of the Muni Rider Voter Guide and would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Last year’s experiment went well, but I would like to try some new approaches too, so that you the voter/rider/owner of Muni can make your decision based on substantive information, and not the 1minute/2minute back-and-forth that so-called “debates” provide.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    I sure wish I could attend but since I’m disabled and none of the bus stops in the surrounding blocks have kiosks, I am unable to sit and wait for a bus. I wouldn’t want to travel home on Muni because the closest bus route stops running at 7:30. I could take Paratransit both ways at a cost of $4 but I’m low income too and short on rent. I’ll let others speak for me and hope for the best.

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