The N Judah Chronicles Needs YOU and Your Vast Technical Skills…

Thanks to the kindness of a few friends, I have a small opportunity for those out there who know a bit more about websites, WordPress, Movable Type and so on. Basically it amounts to this: this site runs on MovableType 4.01, which is now basically “orphan” software. Support for it online is next to nothing, upgrading it is a terrific pain in the ass, and my site has languished with a very outdated look that needs to change.
I have been trying to upgrade the site to WordPress myself, but I’m at the upper limit of my technical skils (which are pretty basic to begin with) and there are some tricks in the process that take a better understanding of various things online that I haven’t yet mastered. Other people have made the move, but there’s a few details that are mission-specific to my installation I need help with.
So what, you say? Well thanks to a few folks I now have a budget to pay someone to help me out with this issue and also help with a nasty security issue that is screwing up my blog in Google search results. The end result for you, the reader, is a more readable, searchable blog with the kinds of features one expects nowadays, along with more opportunities for me to sell a few ads to cover the cost of the server, domains, etc. and add more features!
For someone with the actual skills, this is maybe a day’s work at best. I can’t pay said person a million dollars, but I can make this worthwhile if you do in fact know what you’re doing. Plus, if you have your own business or a resume online, I’ll give you a small ad or link (your choice) on the redesigned site. Send me an email via the link provided on this page, and let’s get things moving again!

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