The Inner Sunset Street Fair Needs YOUR Help!

Did you know that in just about 6 weeks (October 16th), the Inner Sunset will be having its second annual street fair? Don’t recall the one last year in the fall? Well that’s because it was held in June, and while a success, suffered from one of the coldest Junes on record. Needless to say community organizers learned from that, and moved the event to our warmer months in the fall. It’ll be held at 9th and Irving, in the heart of the neighborhood.
The Inner Sunset Street Fair organizers have sought to distinguish it from other street fairs by avoiding the usual accoutrements put on by out-of-town organizers ($9 meat on a stick, endless booths for banks and food samples) and instead have focused it on being as locally-produced as possible. It has the support of many community organizations, but best of all, people from around the neighborhood will be the ones providing most of the attractions.
That’s where the support of locals like you come in. Right now they have a final fundraising goal of $5,000 from individual donations in the next two weeks. This will allow the fair to offer the most attractions, pay for permits, etc. and it’s also another way the Inner Sunset can distinguish itself by showing that community events can be produced by and for residents. I know for a fact if even half of the readers of this blog donated between $5 and $50, this goal would be met in no time, so I urge you to give them a hand.
If you’d like to get a booth for the fair and participate, there’s still time to sign up for one as well. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get one and sell a few t shirts at a discount?
No matter what, I urge folks in the area to support this event in its second year. We have so many good things going on around here lately, so let’s build on the momentum and keep making our neighborhood one of the best kept secrets in San Francisco because it’s a wonderful place to live!

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  1. Sean says:

    Do you know why the festival seems to have been pushed off of Irving and onto 10th? At least, that’s the impression I got from looking at the street closure signs.

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