Celebrate 6+ Years of The N Judah Chronicles With Blockboard at the Blackthorn 10/13!

Reading the news about Muni and the mayor’s race has been a disappointing spiral of bogusness lately, so while I keep on writing blog posts on cocktail napkins and in my notebook, after a day of new work plus the fact that, well, my GOD the news is depressing, I end up just reading another book.
Thus, when i got an email from the folks at Blockboard, who make an iPhone app for neighborhood news, asking me if I’d want to go in with them on a happy hour for the neighborhood, let’s just say it brightened my spirits considerably, since I was trying to figure out an anniversary party for the blog anyway. Now, thanks to Blockboard, I can invite folks from all over the neighborhood for a happy hour AND offer them a free drink!
If you’ve not yet tried out the Blockboard app, it’s worth a look if only because in the burgeoning field of “local news” apps, it has possibly one of best user interfaces I’ve seen for these kinds of apps. I’ve been trying it out for a while and it has some potential. (If you don’t have an iPhone you can still RSVP for the party – you just might need to answer some Inner Sunset trivia to attend, so please, attend anyway!)
However, to attend, you do need to RSVP via this EventBrite link in order to take advantage of this amazing offer/event. Just go to this link on EventBrite and be sure to enter in some minimal information, and you’ll be all set.
This should be a fun event, where you can meet your neighbors, fellow N riders, and others.
Note: while any politicians running for office can surely RSVP, I would ask that you please not bring a pile of dead-tree pamphlets to the event, since I’d rather you all talk to the diverse crowd that will be here, instead of just leaving behind something that will go into the recycling bin.

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