Follow Up! The N Judah Chronicles Anniversary Party, Sponsored By Blockboard

njcbbhh201.jpgThanks to a weird problem with Movable Type, my post-party post never made it on line. Here it is again:
Thursday’s free Happy Hour celebrating the sixth (!) anniversary of the N Judah Chronicles, sponsored by Blockboard at the Blackthorn Tavern, turned out quite well. We had over 100 people RSVP and quite a few drop ins as well, and people got a chance to meet Twitter friends, neighbors and so on. I myself ended up meeting one of the new people who moved into my apartment complex a month ago, and it was fun to see many people who knew each other from The Internet in person, and to see old friends as well.
I especially liked the concept of “pouring a beer for your neighbor, not yourself” that Blockboard proposed for the party. It made people more likely to talk to each other, be they strangers or friends, and it did a great job keeping the deadbeats out who show up to any event for “free” stuff, and don’t care about the sponsors or the event.
This event went well enough that I am thinking of doing some more in the future at various venues along the N or other major routes on the west side. Of course, if the SFMTA ever brings back charter F lines cars to the N to Ocean Beach, you can be sure I’ll do one even if I have to pay for the entire thing out of pocket because that would be fun!
Photo courtesy of Blockboard

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  1. Mark Ballew says:

    Blockboard is written my a former co-worker of mine from Technorati, Ian Kellan. I’m glad he can help Muni with his app!

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