If You Value a Good Muni, Do Us All a Favor and NOT Vote for Ed Lee Anywhere On Your Ballot!

photo_4.JPGI hadn’t planned on making any endorsements this year, in an attempt to stay above the fray and perhaps launch a revamped Muni Rider Voter Guide instead. Unfortunately, various events beyond my control pushed a lot of my plans off the table. As I’ve watched this campaign circle the drain, fueled by some of the most dishonest campaigning I’ve seen in my life, I can’t just sit by and keep quiet. That’s why I’m asking people to vote for whomever they like, but to please not vote for Ed Lee on any of the 3 ranked choice votes they get.
There’s just too much that’s wrong with the Temporary Mayor’s campaign, from the casual dishonesty used to get him on the ballot, to the ongoing stories of money laundering, shady voting practices, and more that make any of the other candidates a better choice. More importantly, Lee’s slavish devotion to the Central Subway, at the expense of riders on every other line is enough to disqualify him, and there’s nothing to suggest Muni would get any better under a second Lee administration. If anything, we’ll have more corrupt pay-to-play politics and other nonsense, the kind that gave us those Breda cars under Willie’s adminstration.
Several friends and I have created an informational site, Ed Lee Not For Me which I encourage you to read and pass along to your friends. None of us are working for any candidates or anything like that – this was something we came up with the other night to try and make a last stand to stop the City from circling the drain, as it has been for some time. Check it out and be sure to vote tomorrow!

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  1. The blatant absentee ballot stenciling in Chinatown and a crowded field of losers made this election all but in the bag for Ed Lee.
    Why didn’t you (or many other politically engaged folks) make more noise about this sooner? San Francisco deserves better than the horrendous government we currently have in place.

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