Happy Holidays – Going On Vacation!

There’s not a lot going on with all things Muni beyond the usual nonsense, so I’m taking some time off and doing a little traveling and to get away from the day to day grind. Besides, these days the news from City Hall and the SFMTA tends to be way too depressing to try and debunk.
I mean, seriously, this latest “budget crisis” has the same old BS being pumped out on all sides, you can basically re-read anything I wrote on the subject and it’s more or less the same now as it was in the last few years. Too much BS, and no one being serious about fixing Muni, because as always we have a “Mayor” who doesn’t care, an SFMTA Board that doesn’t seem to want to challenge said “Mayor,” and the usual folks bloviating at the Board who are also full of BS.
Needless to say it doesn’t exactly motivate me to write about these folks and how their antics ruin your Muni. Plus, I really could use a nice vacation where my biggest concern is whether to go to the beach or go to the movies or the comic book store, and nothing else.
On that cheery note, have a great holiday season and be safe when you’re out celebrating! See you all in 2012.
EDIT: I’m going to my old stomping grounds aka West LA/Venice and will be riding the Big Blue Bus, possibly one of the most functional transit agencies in America. I know, right? WHO KNEW LA could pwn a 7×7 college town in Northern California? IT BOGGLES THE MIND OMG!

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