NJC Business Review: Room Service Will Deliver (almost) Anything To Your Door!

IMG_6056.JPGI never thought the phrase “from your mouth to God’s ears” was serious, until I found out about the new business at 10th and Irving, Room Service. You see, I was out one day and thought to myself “why is it we, as a dense, urban city do not have more businesses that deliver like, say, in New York City or Elsewhere?” and literally the next day I saw the signs go up for Room Service. The business, owned by Daniel Flores and Ilario Peppe, grew out of the same question one night when some friends wanted something that was Not Pizza and Not Chinese Food.
Daniel had some experience delivering food as the owner of Los Yaquis in the Mission, and he and his business partner did some research, and found that there were no other businesses doing delivery of things like beer, food, and whatnot, particularly late at night on the weekends. Once the market at 10th and Irving was up for sale, they decided to make a go of it and give San Francisco the local delivery service that it needed.
Right now the business is still testing out various models to see what works in a 7 x7 city like ours. Currently the delivery minimum is $30, and there’s a Scoutmob offer that gives you 50% off your order (minus alcohol and energy drinks), and they have a wide variety of food to choose from.
My favorite was the wonderful selection of Columbus brand meats and cheeses, as well as the sandwiches from Los Yaquis. Best of all there are an array of products one might want to order in odd situations: you’ve returned home late from a long distance trip and your kitchen has only the elements of food, or perhaps you’re feeling ill and just want someone to deliver some chicken soup and fruit juice while you get over that nasty flu.
Those with memories that extend past 2006 may recall Kozmo.com, which was a wonderful idea, but blew up during Dot Bomb 1.0. Room Service has a chance to suceed as it’s starting out slow and is working to find what things people really want and what they do not. In the near future they will be offering Illy coffee, and they also plan on opening up a wine cellar and offering custom gift baskets for delivery as well.
Overall you can’t go wrong. Their prices don’t seem to be too much different than anyone else’s, and the fact they will deliver ANYWHERE says a lot. This is the kind of business we want to encourage, because the idea of more delivery businesses means more people can live without a car. Check them out sometime when you and your friends want something but perhaps don’t feel like hopping on a Muni to get something late at night!
Room Service
900 Irving Street, SF, CA
1 block from the 9th and Irving N-Judah stop
415 566 7666

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