Two Articles about Muni You Really Need to Read

While I’m busy working on a number of upgrades to the site and looking for an artist to design the new logo, there’s a few articles about Muni you should really be sure to take a look at if you haven’t already done so.
First, of course, is last week’s SF Weekly cover story on Muni’s deplorable state of disrepair by friend and colleague Joe Eskenazi. Well researched and full of details, this is the kind of investigative reporting you will not find at other print publications in town. The next time you wonder why a bus is trailing parts along the road, well, now you’ll know why.
Second is a follow up to Joe’s excellent story by Rick Laubscher, president of Market Street Railway at their blog. He makes some additional points worth reading, not the least of which is how politicians who come up with ideas like “free Muni for the kids” or “Twitter buses” don’t really seem to care how they’re paid for or think Muni has money to spare. Instead, maintenance often takes the hit, and you the rider lose.
Regular posting will resume shortly – it seems we’ve killed the biggest problems moving over to a new platform, now we’re just hammering out the details so when I relaunch the site will look like something more modern than a blog circa 2006. Thanks for your patience!

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