Still on Vacation/Hiatus for a While..

Although I’m back from my trip to Las Vegas, upon returning I decided to take an extended break from non stop writing about all things Muni and San Francisco for a while. Frankly, the recent news from City Hall and the SFMTA has been an almost non-stop parade of failure, and who wants to keep writing about failure all the time? I, for one, have been tired of trying to keep up with everything only to end up keep writing about how our local institutions innovate new ways to f*ck things up, and no one seems to mind or care at this point.

I’ve also taken some time to rethink the blog entirely. I originally intended to simply port the site to WordPress and tack on some features,  but after having sometime Far Away from San Francisco to clear my head, I’ve decided to do a more thorough re-do of the blog. I’m also taking a break from being “online” in general, aside from posting pictures on Instagram and the like.
double_deuce_LV.jpg In the meantime, I’m posting a few photos from my trip. One is of the Las Vegas strip’s “Double Deuce” bus. You may recall that Muni experimented with one of these a few years ago.
IMG_6944.JPGThe other is of some stolen Area 51 technology that is decades ahead of anything tech-savvy San Francisco could ever come up with – a solar powered bus pass vending machine. Unlike those two overly pricey kiosks at Geary and at the cable car turnaround, these seemed to use magic to collect money and dispense passes to the public. Truly fascinating.
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