Celebrate the N Judah Line’s 85th Anniversary Next Week With A New Shirt Design! UPDATED

UPDATE: Zazzle pulled the design off our store, saying it violated their terms of service, which of course it did not. They are claiming that drawing pictures of streetcars somehow involved “copyright” which again, is BULLSHIT. Ironically, they didn’t pull the 80th anniversary design. Even worse, we already went through this bullshit once before, and after said dustup, they put all our stuff back online and admitted THEY screwed up.
Anyway, Happy N Judah Birthday, etc. I’m going to take down our Zazzle store for good this week, because I’m sick of their bullshit.

Did you know that our Mighty N turns 85 next Monday, October 21, 2013? Probably not. Well now you do, and there’s now a new series of products we have started producing to celebrate the Big Day.
First off is a basic T Shirt, which you can customize color, etc. You can find it here and there will be some more products (women’s t-shirt, a mug, etc.) posted later this week.
Whether you buy something or not, be sure to say “Happy Birthday” when you ride the N next week!

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