Taking a Trip to Los Angeles, Using Only Public Transit? Yes, It’s Possible….

Today I am departing for Los Angeles for a number of reasons, including some coverage of the California Democratic Convention (which I’ll post on my other blog if it’s warranted) and to just get out of town and enjoy a change of scenery.
My goal for this trip, transit-wise wasn’t so much to prove a point as to avoid having to rent a car, and since half my trip will be spent downtown, and the other half on LA’s Westside, I think this will be do-able. I’ve received some great advice from Twitter transit fan @ExpoLineLedger, and the LA MTA website has also been helpful. (To be clear, I am flying down there, but I’m relying on BART and Muni to get me to SFO, and a bus from LAX to downtown once I arrive.)
I will post updates for the transit portion of the trip on my main Twitter account, @njudah with the hashtag #njcla2014. Posts relating to the CDP Convention will have the hashtag #cadem2014, so if you’re not interested in that topic, you can filter those tweets out rather easily.
If nothing else, I’m looking forward to enjoying some sunny weather, check out various attractions, and get a french dip sandwich at Phillipe’s, all sans rental car! I’ll write a summary when the trip is over.
At a time when our own SFMTA seems to be sabotaging its own Transit Effectiveness Project which cost several million dollars and received hundreds of hours of public input, and a lack of leadership overall in San Francisco on transit issues, it’ll be interesting to see how another California city and region handles such things. Maybe there’s a few things we could learn from them, eh?

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