A New Holiday for SF: “A Holiday from Housing Talk” #SFHolidayfromhousing

If you live or work in San Francisco, there’s one thing you can’t avoid – and that’s having to hear or engage in a conversation about “housing.”.There’s no way to avoid it. Turn off the Internet (a bastion of passive racism, uninformed loud people, and armchair economists) and you still have to hear someone on the bus, the train, in the office, wherever, at some point going on and on about “housing.” Despite your best efforts,  darnit, you’re gonna listen to them whether you like it or not. It’s enough to make anyone insane.

Look, I get it. Housing is a pain in the ass, and decades of neglect by politicians, economic special interests, and others have made things the way the are today, and YES IT IS IMPORTANT SOMETHING BE DONE. I only ask this: could we have one day, just one, where we could can the housing talk, and relax?

What I propose is simple – pick a day, any day, and designate it an official “Holiday From Housing Talk.” Of course this would be voluntary, like any holiday, but participation would result in some  positive benefits. Imagine a day where you can go online and watch your news and cat videos and not have to listen to some idiot talking about something they don’t know anything about. You could go on a local website like SFist, or SFGate, or any one of a number of San Francsico-themed sites and hear vitriolic discussions that don’t involve rent control.

Best of all, you could spend one day not thinking about how much rent you’re paying, how many of your friends are leaving town for good, and the regional stupidity of the past 40 years that brought about this problem in the first place. Instead, you can discuss and think about ANYTHING ELSE. Have some peace online and in the real world.

For one day.

#SFHolidayfromHousing. Pass on the good word on all those fancy social networks. You know, those entities that some suggest we blame for…housing problems! Oh, the irony of using such entities for blah blahblah housing rentcontrol omg blah  b lah…….

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