The Muni Heritage Festival Was Rather Awesome

This weekend the SFMTA and Market Street Railway celebrated Muni history with an array of activities, not the least of which were free rides on the Blackpool “Boat Tram” between the San Francisco Railway Museum and Pier 39.

I took a ride on the boat tram and I think I am now in 1,243,276 tourist photos, because everywhere the tram went, people were taking photos. I took a few myself, but decided to not take more photos, instead just enjoying the day.

Oddly enough, around 5pm I was over by the ballpark, and got to see many of the historic streetcars pass by the 4th/King Station, as well as a a LOT of classic Impalas, and a LOT of people dressed as Germans leaving a big Oktoberfest event.

More photos at Instagram – also if you have links to your own, feel free to email them and I’ll post links here.

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