Sunset Tunnel Construction This Weekend!

This weekend the N Judah train will be replaced by buses in what is billed as one of the last weekends the train will be shut down for work on the Sunset Tunnel, and associated work along the line. The usual drill applies – buses will run from Duboce/Church to Ocean Beach, and will run from 8pm Friday through 330am on Monday.

You can read all the details at the SFMTA website. One thing to note-because of signal work being done on Carl Street, several stops for the bus shuttle will be relocated to Frederick Street.

This work would have actually been done if certain neighbors chose a better way to resolve early issues about noise, instead of resorting to lawyers and the courts. I have a message in to the SFMTA to get a timeline as to when this would have been done, had this legal nonsense not happened. People, you can resolve your differences without lawyers and screaming. Really!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a fancy newer bus on the N I took a few weeks ago. Happy Weekend!

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