Inner Sunset to be Renamed the “Westside Treat District” in Honor of its Many Treat Shops

You may not be aware of it, but efforts to rename the Inner Sunset have finally come to fruition. Earlier efforts by people who thought the name “Inner Sunset” was apparently “too ghetto” and made it harder to sell houses wanted to rename it to Something Else. Their efforts have failed and instead, in recognition of the many treat shops that have opened recently, in addition to those already here, and more on the way, it has been decided that the Inner Sunset will now be referred to as the Westside Treat District!

Artist Rendition of the Inner Sunset Under New Name

Artist Rendition of the Inner Sunset Under New Name

This really comes as no surprise, as yet another ice cream shop will be opening soon on Irving Street, just 1/2 a block from the “handmade” ice cream shop at 9th and Irving, which itself is only 1/2 a block from Easy Breezy, the premiere fro-yo spot in town. Just a few doors down, San Franpsycho is selling ice cream AND coffee. All of these are just a block from Holy Gelato. Not to be outdone, the bakery community has also set up shop, what with no less than 4 6 bakeries in the immediate 9th/Irving area, and the donut shop on 9th/Judah. I’m not sure whether to count Tart to Tart as a coffee place, a bakery, a taco place or what, but it counts too.

In addition, the 5 coffee shops in the vicinity, and the infamous Quickly bubble tea/snack joint will be joined by 1 and possibly 2 more a few doors down. It seems odd anyone would open anything boba tea related given that the Quickly chain shop never seems to have anything near the business of ones just a few blocks away on Irving/20th, but I guess that’s not deterring these folks, who have been “so close” to opening for months…

Add it all up, and the name “Westside Treat District” seems a better fit than “Inner Sunset,” so it looks like all those realtors and community booster types that abhorred any name associated with the Sunset will finally get their wish.

No word on when “Mayor” Lee will be making the proclamation, but you can be sure the assorted Supervisors who represent the neighborhood will be on hand to celebrate this new name. Yay treats! Yay Westside Treat District!

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