N Judah Overhead Wires Fail During Morning Commute…

840-failwhale-n.jpgIf you’ve not already left home and are wondering if something is up with the N, it is! Overhead wires ooutside the Sunset Tunnel (!) apparently failed, causing a power loss for the N. Passengers report being stuck in the tunnel:


Hoodline and the Chronicle have additional coverage. Once the dust settles from the repairs, a question needs to be asked – how could this happen after all that work being done on the Sunset Tunnel, and does this mean more weekend shutdowns to prevent a commute time failure in the future?

And here I was just glad the SFTMA finally built the speed bumps that we waited a year for after approval, yesterday….

UPDATE: Obviously, for the latest, Twitter is your friend. Here are a few notable tweets from throughout the morning:

Reader Michelle’s daughter was on the N this morning and had this to report. :




Reader Bella had this to add to her dispatch from the stuck train:


Reader Lola32 seemed to agree with the blog’s assessment of the morning nonsense:


and of course, Twitter user Bill had the tweet of the day, which I saw on KTVU morning news!


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