Two Muni Meltdowns In 2 Days? (Updated)

I managed to get home just before Thursday’s Muni meltdown which had the misfortune of happening right as people were trying to get home. There’s always that sudden quiet on Irving that makes you realize something has gone horribly wrong…

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This in and of itself would not be unusual news, but just the day before, I was switching from the 22 to the N at Duboce. I’d made the N with time to spare, but…

and my online twin noted it at the same time (twitter jinx)

Again, this was right around 6pm, when people were trying to get home to watch the game, etc. I ended up walking to Haight and took a trusty 6 Parnassus home, one of the benefits of living within a block of more than a few bus lines. Our bus was packed with N Judah refugees on the way out west.

The sad thing is I was all set to write a post about how lately things seemed to be much better on the N – I’ve usually never had to wait for more than a few minute to get one inbound or outbound, regardless of the day, and only once did I have a crazy guy screaming gross insults and terrorizing women passengers with physical threats. Perhaps I should keep such thoughts to myself lest I accidentally put a curse on the N by mistake.

UPDATE (6/11/2016): What happened Friday night? I went to the Giants game and caught one of many N inbounds easily, but right after I got off the train Twitter started blowing up with reports of some sort of issue right around 5ish, just in time for the Friday commute home, the Giants game, etc. I seem to be lucky enough to miss these when I’m going somewhere – I just wish my luck extended to everyone riding Muni, always and forever also….

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