Neighbors Helping Neighbors, 2020s Style

Over on Instagram, I’ve been posting photos from daily walks around town. It was set to “private” as I never intended it to be anything but me sharing funny photos with people I (mostly) know.

On a gray summer Sunday, I saw this flyer on my way to the Inner Sunset Flea Market, and posted to Instagram. It got some notice. Then I decided to post to, a Mastodon “instance” for the Bay Area:


I hadn’t posted much on, and I’m still not convinced we need more Twitter clones, but that’s for another post. The key takeaway here is that I really hadn’t done much at all on the service, beyond posting some test posts for fun or finding people I knew from the Before Times Elsewhere.

Thus, to see this post go so “viral” for no real reason, other than it represented both good (neighbors helping each other out) and not good (crappy DRM making things less useful than they should), which to me sums up the 2020s rather well.

Ok! Back to work!
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