Muni Street Theater: Version 2.0

Today was a great day to be in San Francisco. Our almost unknown fall, which can be warm and sunny (even way out on the westside at Ocean Beach) made itself known. It was great. Especially because after returing my lame Nokia 6101 cell phone at the T-Mobile store at 9th and Irving, I had the afternoon to enjoy.
After getting my mail, on a whim I decided to take the N-Judah all the way to the end, at Ocean Beach. Most of the ride is fairly dull – the streetcar goes through the “Sunset District” of San Francisco (possible the lamest name for this area given that it’s the foggiest) but when you get to the end there’s a handful of motels, a great little coffee house with WiFi, and of course, the beach.
It was nice. Sunny, not that windy, and you couldn’t even smell the poop of the SFPD horses in the ‘hood. It was really nice.
After hanging out for a bit, I decided to take off in the other direction and see what happened next. I departed for the eastside of SF and ended up jumping off at the Powell station and took a look at the iPod nanos at the Apple Store, and points elsewhere. The iPod nano is really something to check out – I can’t believe it’s THAT SMALL and holds as much as the iPod mini.
That done I wandered around and then decided to go home. Like an idiot, I decided to take the 38 Geary to the 22 Fillmore to the 6 Parnassus.
Ok, for those of you who don’t speak Munigeek, here’s the translation – I took the LONG STUPID WAY home.
First the long way – from downtown I took the 38 Geary – once a rail line – now a horribly mismanaged route thanks to the hippies at Muni Central who don’t get the concept of “if you want people to take mass transit, why not serve an arterial with more service” concept. That was fine. But then we had Mr. Warbler, who was part of Muni Street theater, providing the ladies with his special version of crooning, nutcake style.
In this case he was grunting his lengthy grunting tunes but puncutating them with grunting acknowledgements of any female on the bus. Needless to say, this tax-funded street theater was not well received.
A fellow Muni patron remarked what I was thinking. “Who knew a buck fifty got you entertainment on Muni?”
This was my “I’m a big idiot, I’m gonna talk” entre nous….or is that noose?
I regaled him and a patient young woman about my experience earlier with Muni Street Theater and everyone had a nice nervous laugh. Mr. Warbler accomdated the nervousness with his excessive bad weirdness. WTF?
Finally the tension broke. We all left the 38 Limited and dispersed – the others to points unknown, me to a couple of Japanese and Korean markets that specialised in goods only they have, and even a Safeway. I hopped on a 22 Fillmore to a 6 Parnassus for a safe trip, door to door, home, and enjoyed what the Fillmore and Japantown had to offer.
Life was good. It was warm, it was nice, and the crazies weren’t too threatening. Even when not taking the N-Judah, life can be good in San Francsico. At least on one of our rare Fall Hot Days.
Man, working in an office for the Man must suck on days like this!

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