SF Has A Festival For Everyone This Weekend….But MUNI Cut the Buses!

This weekend has a street fair or festival or rally or whatever for just about anyone who wants to come to town. It has been estimated that at least 10,000 extra people will be in the City, and possibly more. As luck would have it, while they tell everyone to “take mass transit” to avoid jams, this is ALSO the first weekend of reduced bus service.
Needless to say, it showed, as crowded buses met up with large crowds all around town. Then again, when you have like, 6 DJs blasting dance music at the Civic Center for the “Love Parade” (and featuring 8 dollar super potent vodka cocktails at Civic Center Plaza), which collided with an anti-war protest, which also was down the street from another street fair, etc etc. you get the picture.
Smooth move, Muni folks. Just when we need to try and get people out of their cars due to the Bay Bridge mess of construction, you cut service, and jack up fares. I realize that in today’s business world the idea of charging more for less seems like a great way to do things, but I can tell you for a fact most people on the bus were just irritated at another fare hike coupled with less service. At some point, Muni will be charging us 200 bucks a ride to take cable car that goes nowhere once a day, if this “logic” keeps up.
I took the N-Judah downtown and checked out the festivities at the Civic Center, very loud and crowded, and took off for points elsewhere. Today I’m headed to the Cole Valley neighborhood festival, but I dare say I won’t be dropping by the Folsom Street Fair – just not my scene – but I will try and get out on what looks to be like the last good weekend before the weather starts to change for good.

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