Back on the Job + A Free Plug for a New Muni Blog

After a month hiatus, I’m back. Those folks at Muni and the cast of characters on the N-Judah thought they were getting a free pass. No such luck, folks!
But first, before I do anything else I want to tell folks about a new Muni-oriented blog, Municide – which I just read about at the always-righteous SFist website. You gotta love the name – Municide – which I remember someone once using when there were a rash of Muni bus crashes some time ago. No matter – it is great to see someone usin’ it and for good purpose.
In particular, I liked this line:

And let’s make something perfectly clear: this blog isn’t for constructive criticism that the good old folks over at Muni can use to make Muni better. We all know it’s too late for that. All we’re going to do is bitch.

Right on.
For those of you who took the Muni today, you had the distinct displeasure of contending with delays, lame co-riders, and whatnot, on a day that also featured lots of wind, rain, and overall crap-tacular weather. Now, a week ago, when temps were in the 70s, you can almost put up with a delay because the weather’s nice. Not so when it’s rainy, crappy, and all those smelly weirdos you couldn’t stand before, become wet, grosser smelly weirdos.
The most fun, of course, is having to do something like go grocery shopping on the N-Judah, and have to lug even a few bags onto a newly packed Muni. All those people who walked are now on board, and guess what? They’re all wet, and they’re all seething at the fact it seems like they were waiting FOREVER for the stupid Muni to show up.
Guess what folks? You were waiting forever. All those abstracts about “balanced” approaches to Muni service matter not a whit, if in the end Muni doesn’t realize its mission is to provide mass transit service for people in San Francisco, NOT “balance budgets” and rely on shaky tax structures to pay the bills.
Ah well. I’m sure they’re paying top dollar at Muni for the finest execubots money can buy. Too bad corporate types have no clue how to do anything of value anymore. Otherwise we might see an improvement…

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