A Funny Map of Powell St. Station and Hallidie Plaza….

This past Friday, my brother (who is the photographer for this site) was headed to Sacramento. Rather than drive, however, he chose to take BART to the BART/AMTRAK station in Richmond and catch a speedy train up north. Oddly enough it works, despite the fact that, well, it’s Amtrak.
Anyway, he had some things for me that had been delivered to his address and wanted to hand them off to me on his way up north. Rather than get out of a BART station, hand off my boxes, and then have to pay to get on, he suggested we meet up at Powell Station where Muni and BART share a tunnel.
The only thing about Powell Station is that there are several places to meet someone who is standing in the BART paid area while you are not, and it’s long enough that you can literally not see someone in the station. That, and the fact that the station opens on the much maligned Hallidie Plaza (recently the subject of well-deserved scorn from Chronicle architecture critic John King.)
So to make things easier, I was provided with a hastily drawn map that was eerily accurate:

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