A Valentine from Muni at Rush Hour – Or Why I`m Stuck Downtown!

Quick hit for all you loyal readers – Muni has decided to give out not one but two Valentine’s Day gifts to rush hour commuters tonight – slow Muni trains and a switching problem!
Nothing, not even my beloved N-Judah, is working properly, and my backup, the 6 Parnassus was so overloaded I couldn’t get on the bus.
Maybe this is God and Muni’s way of saying I should stay downtown for a drink instead of go home? Or perhaps just Muni’s way of saying to San Francisco “I love you (well your money anyways, not your patronage).
Update: After posting this at the Apple Store on Stockton I got on a 6 Parnassus and had one of the worst bus rides yet on what is traditionally one of Muni’s crappiest buses. Woo hoo!

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