“You’re In the Blog, Buster!”

One of the rewards of writing The N-Judah Chronicles is that the many irritations and perceived slights in life that once were filed away in some dark recesses of the brain (if remembered at all) now fuel my writing. So, when MUNI does something dumb, I no longer grumble internally – rather, I grumble externally online for the entire world to see.
For example, today, I was running to catch an approaching N-Judah I’d found on NextBus and all indications were that I’d just barely make it. However, the MUNI driver had other ideas, and did a nice California Stop, and didn’t even bother to stop for any potential passengers.
I waved my hand in the air to indicate I was running to the stop, and very very reluctantly, he stopped his California Stop and let me on. But then I got a nice rude lecture from the guy about how it was all my fault because I wasn’t “at the stop on time” and continued to give me a load of ‘tude, rudely.
What I wanted to say: “Frak you very much, Mr. OverpaidCityWorkerWhoDoesn’tCareAboutHisJobOrServingThePublic. YOU were the one doing a California Stop. YOU were the one not stopping on time. YOU are the one being a jerk!”
What I ended up saying: “Fine. Just so you know, you’re in the blog, buster.”
Possibly the emptiest threat, and most mystifying comment a rider could make to a MUNI conductor. Sure it sounded a little bit like Jack Lemmon in the Out of Towners, with his “sue list”, but so what?
Maybe when the N-Judah Chronicles ascends to its rightful place as one of the “cool” blogs in town, that everyone is reading and quoting, it’ll have some more impact.
For now, it’s a really funny joke only I seem to get in these situations, but I figure it’s better than squeezing rage into a bitter ball and, well you know, the whole whiskey bottle thing.

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5 Responses to “You’re In the Blog, Buster!”

  1. bayareb2b says:

    Ogeez. I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me!! The one thing I don’t miss about SF is the MUNI!

  2. Yeah, but he’s *not* in the blog yet. A name! We want a name!

  3. Oh I’ll be namin’ names just as soon as my attorney advises me on the wherefores and how-tos of it all.
    Let’s just say that taking on Muni is a lot safer than taking on dishonest taxi cab companies. Those frakkers are low rent and lowdown, and think the gutter is the high road!

  4. Cameronrex says:

    On one of the rainy days last year…the REAL rainy days I was waiting at the stop at 16th and Judah when a train came by and stopped. I and another “potential” rider pushed the button on the last door in the last car and it didn’t open. We turned to walk to the next door and the MUNI left without us. Did the driver check his mirrors? The next train, nearly empty, didn’t even stop…just kept going. Made me think that the drivers were enjoying some private joke of leaving riders standing in the pouring rain.

  5. Marniehall says:


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