NextBus Widgets for Mac OS X

Even though it’s not complete, NextBus is still rather useful, particularly on our Mighty N-Judah line. It’s especially useful where I live now, given that I’m just steps from an actual stop. Knowing when the train is coming early in the morning is a big help.
Firing up a web browser all the time though, is a hassle, and while I don’t normally like the Dashboard function in OSX because it’s such a memory hog sometimes, it has proven useful for calling up NextBus quickly, via two Widgets – NextBus Widget and NextMuni. I tried finding a similar widget for Yahoo Widgets (compatible with MS Windows and OS X) but I couldn’t find one – if you know of one let me know!
Both are pretty good, but I’m giving extra bonus points to NextMuni, simply because the other one has a tendency to mysteriously crap out after a set period of time, and it’s not shareware. I’ve reloaded it several times, done all the usual OSX geek maneuvers, and it still doesn’t work. Plus the NextMuni one just looks cooler. So there.
Someone also makes a BART Widget, but I haven’t really used it much.
Anyway, enjoy the great weather, and the World Cup finals!

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