Yet Another “Spare the Air Day” on July 20th! (and July 21!)

Good news! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, life is good…but oh, there’s that whole smog thing going on. So while you’re enjoying the non Twain-like summer weather be aware that we may have a bit of a problem with the air.
Not to worry. The kind folks at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District have found the funds to pay for Yet Another Spare the Air Day.
That means that MUNI, BART, the esteemed CalTrain and many more Bay Area mass transit systems will be free to all who wish to ride.
Now, don’t think that a Spare the Air day is just for people too lazy to spend some cashola on El Muni to get to work. Soon-to-be-contributing writer Mason Powell used a “Spare the Air” day to take advantage of BurgerMeister’s excellent chicken wing deal on Monday, quickly commuting from the Peninsula to get one heck of a deal on a week’s worth of excellent chicken wings and get back to the Peninsula.
Now, if that isn’t helping our capitalist system, I don’t know what is. Fair to say, if he didn’t have the Spare the Air day, he might not have purchased those wings (since they’d have a 10 dollar premium from BART and MUNI).
It is too bad those of us who buy monthly passes don’t get a little check in the mail on these days, since we did pay The Man in advance. But you know what? I’m willing to cut some slack on this one. Even if my chicken wing deal wasn’t as great.
UPDATE: July 21st has now been declared a Spare the Air day and the hot weather is with us one more day (at least). Ride MUNI to your favorite after-work place and have a cocktail and watch the sunset.

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2 Responses to Yet Another “Spare the Air Day” on July 20th! (and July 21!)

  1. Mike says:

    I do kind of wish there was some way to compensate those of us with passes. I spend $179.25 a month on my combined Caltrain/Muni pass. I would love to get a couple bucks off.
    I had Monday off so this time I made sure to go somewhere near a BART station so I could feel like I got a little benefit from all this.

  2. T says:

    I’m scared. This warm weather in summer in San Francisco is not natural.
    It’s just… not.
    I’m sure it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

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