Sunny Fall Days in San Francisco and Some Things for Sale on Craigslist

Hopefully, you got out this weekend and enjoyed some of the spectacular warm weather we had recently, as a respite from the many woes of MUNI this past week. Even today, with its sunny weather (even out here in the humble Inner Sunset), you’re reminded of why September in our fair city can be truly enjoyable.
In unrelated matters, the international headquarters of the N Judah Chronicles is moving, and I’m selling off a few very nice items I don’t need in my new place. One is a 4.5 month old IKEA desk in excellent shape that I would love to keep (but no longer need). The other is a really nice designer microwave that I’ve had in storage for a year. It’s also in excellent shape and has all the manuals, etc. So, if you’re interested, drop me a line – I’m willing to deal!

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6 Responses to Sunny Fall Days in San Francisco and Some Things for Sale on Craigslist

  1. Mark Ballew says:

    If someone doesn’t buy your desk by this weekend, I’ll take it. I’m waiting for my CityCarShare fob to check out a Tacoma for an ikea run, and I was going to buy that exact same desk. 🙂

  2. Eric C. says:

    Greg, you aren’t moving off of the N-Judah line, are you?
    I think that would be tragic.
    Somehow, “K-Ingleside Chronicles” doesn’t have quite the same ring.

  3. Greg - N Judah Chronicles says:

    @Mark – thanks for buying the desk!
    @Eric – Still on the N, but just a different neighborhood. It is only for a few months while I find the ideal space in the inner sunset.

  4. Jamison says:

    Having to change the name would mean a new domain name as well. I think would have even less of a ring to it.

  5. @jamison – I agree! Although I think the 38 is due for some more coverage. But I’m still on the N-line, just not in the Inner Sunset, and my move is a temp move.
    I like all of the City’s neighborhoods and have lived in several (as well as in Marin County, which I also enjoy despite the fact I had to drive EVERYWHERE) but I think I’m more or less destined to be a westsider.
    oh and btw, congrats on your appointment by the Mayor! Glad to have you there representing the People!

  6. I also agree with Jamison.

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