Weekend Fun For Everyone On The N-Judah Line

It looks like our still-spectacular weather will stick around for a few more days, which is good news, because that means you can enjoy some of the weekend events without having to dress for summer (colder) weather.
Just like last year, the annual Love Parade will be held at the Civic Center, and no doubt feature many, many DJs, and many many other things to look at and listen to. I went last year and was astounded at just how loud it could get, and yet, I didn’t have that awful pain in the head one gets at a live show. I think the 8 dollar vodka cocktails helped, though.
Also, on Sunday, you can take the N-Judah to Carl and Cole for the Heart of Cole Valley Festival. Definitely smaller than other neighborhood fairs, but also a bit less prefab, as well. All of the local merchants will be particpating, but best of all, local artist Niana Liu will be there. Her special brand of art, focused on San Francisco, and often times the N-Judah line and MUNI has always been a favorite here at the Chronicles, and we’ve bought a lot of her postcards to send to our friends Elsewhere.
Let’s just hope no one gets killed or hurt in any MUNI accidents, and that the weather holds for a few more days!

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