How Did I Miss This Gem on SFist?

Boy, you skip reading for a few days and look at what you miss!
SFist contributor and Hero of the People, MattyMatt, caught a typical San Franciscan deadbeat-type trying to get on the MUNI without paying, and caught it all on camera and posted it to YouTube. Fittingly, SFist dubbed the feature “The SFist Douche of the Week.”
My favorite part? When the loser starts talking all sorts of nonsensical smack about “public servants” and badge numbers. News flash, dude – you’re the one being a problem, and the world does not exist to fit into the bizarre, junkie logic rationalizations you’re coming up with because you can’t spare a buck fifty from the Idiot Fund you’ve been hoarding.
It was one of those cases where you could tell that MUNI street theater was about to become an audience particpation event, a la The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as Some Loser screws with everyone, tries to screw with the SFPD, and has no idea the entire bus wouldn’t mind seeing La Policia go medieval on his ass, but that the entire bus might join in and help, too.
Best of all, the local news picked up the story (sans the word “douche”), which you can read about here.
I light my lighter in honor of MattyMatt because his Muni Street Theater moment rocks. What a way to kick off the new year!

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  1. Josh Krist says:

    That was great–I missed it as well on SFist. I loved the part where the cop says to the cornholio: “You’re being admonished,” and the guy is puzzled and asks, “Immodest?” That made my day.

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