The Scary Poster I Saw Next to MacWorld

Earlier today I went to get my free exhibit hall pass for Macworld and was walking back up to Market when I saw this poster at Jillian’s, an overpriced bar in the Metreon Center, where a Coors costs like, $6.

Seriously, WTF? At best this is a clumsily arranged photo shoot – at worst it’s depicting a felony in progress. Either way if I ever go to Jillian’s I’m definitely keeping an eye out for predatory felons.

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One Response to The Scary Poster I Saw Next to MacWorld

  1. T says:

    Nice to see slipping a girl a rufi is perfectly alright with mainstream America.
    Maybe it could be a little less traumatizing if there weren’t the two guys in the back waiting to drag her off to their hotel.
    Good grief.

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