New Feature: Duboce Park Dog Of The Week!

One of my favorite stops on the N-Judah line is at Duboce Park, because it’s a favorite spot for people and their dogs to hang out. As a former dog owner who can’t own a dog now (due to landlord restrictions at my place), I like to look out the window and see what’s going on.
Now, I’d like to feature the dogs of Duboce Park here, and am inviting those of you who read the blog to send in pictures of your dog at Duboce Park, and I’ll pick one out each week to feature on the site. Simply email me a JPEG of your dog (preferably at the park) each week by Thursday, and I’ll pick a dog photo out for consideration.
To keep things simple, send your entry in once (don’t bomb my email with multiple 2mb JPEGs) and if your photo is selected, you’ll get an email notification with the link so you can tell all your friends your dog was Duboce Park Dog of the Week.
Thanks and I look forward to seeing some submissions soon!

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2 Responses to New Feature: Duboce Park Dog Of The Week!

  1. T. says:

    Speaking of Duboce, did you notice they painted over the graffiti in the tunnel towards Cole Valley? Escaped my notice until yesterday.
    We’re taking bets on how long before it’s filled with graffiti again. There’s a few tags now, but we wondered if it would be weeks or months.

  2. Image says:

    Too Bad nobody recognises That years of artistic history was lost After the buffing. It wasn’t Tagging for those of you closed minded minority who don’t know the difference. It was Graffiti Art and anyone with half a brain and who knows anything about art would recognise it as such. These people made picasso look like a grammar school student acheiving something beautiful in only a few minutes. If you dont agree, go back to the midwest where you belong. The Lost Art will now be replaced with Tagging that will never even remotely compare in quality, since most of the people who created those peices are dead or have vacated the area. All This has done is created Fresh Canvas for the young and untalented. You have invited a menacing crowd to fill the void with their half assed work based on ego rather than freehand beauty from the minds of great artists. Good Job!

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