N Judah Business Review: Burgermeister – Giving You At Least One Reason Monday Doesn’t Suck

UPDATE: I noticed that although this particular bargain is no more, Burgermeister has a new series of specials for each day of the week. Go to their site and check it out!
Few businesses have the opportunity to make money and invent a new way to cure a bad case of the Mondays, but one does here in San Francisco, and it just happens to be on the Mighty N Judah line. Of course, I’m talking about Burgermeister, located (among other places) on the N Judah at Carl and Cole, with another branch of this fine institution at Church and Duboce, a stone’s throw away from another N Judah Stop (and yes, the infamous J-Church chugs along on occasion by there too).
Most people know Burgermeister for their incredible burgers, made from the always wonderful Niman Ranch beef. For Philadelphians, I would also encourage you to try their cheesesteak sandwich – I don’t know that anyone on the West Coast can match a true Philly cheesesteak, but of all the places I’ve been from Seattle to SF to LA, Burgermeister seems to come the closest.

But these alone are not reasons why Burgermeister makes Mondays not suck so bad. Now there are other fine burger joints that offer Niman Ranch beef (21st Amendment, and, um Burger Joint come to mind). No, what makes Burgermeister a Local Hero for citizens in San Francisco is of course, 1/2 price chicken wings on Mondays.
Now, a word of explanation: The culinary term “chicken wings” has been so debased by offerings that would barely pass as cat food or soon-to-be-mechanically-seperated-meat that yes, I can understand why you, the Loyal Reader, might be wondering how it is we can say Burgermeister can claim said meta-human powers. That’s because until now, you know the lowly “chicken wing” as a tolerable accessory to a night out. Not so with Burgermeister.
But the fun does not end there. No, not only does Burgermesiter make chicken wings that supersede the tolerable crap you’re used to, no not only do they make full-sized chicken wings that are meaty and have a homemade ho tsauce that is like Frank’s Red Hot but rocks, but on Mondays, they are HALF PRICE. That means for a mere $0.33/a wing you can make a pit stop on the N (or, yes the unreliable “J” if you must), pick up a ton of great Buffalo-style chicken wings, and be the hero on your home’s Monday Night.
Maybe you’re a family person and wanna be the hero with a fun dinner for less. Maybe you host a Heroes or 24 or a “I don’t care about TV” night at 9pm on Mondays. Or best of all, you’re just a good citizen who likes a bargain. None of you will be disappointed. Go now to Burgermeister this Monday, and take advantage of said deal! You’ll be glad you did…and be sure to say the N-Judah Chronicles sent ya!

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7 Responses to N Judah Business Review: Burgermeister – Giving You At Least One Reason Monday Doesn’t Suck

  1. Jon Shurkin says:

    Greg, try Philly Cheese on Divisadero. They fly in all of the original ingredients from Philly (they even have Tasty Cakes!) and gets the nod of approval from most Philadelphians. Including myself.
    Burgermesiter is also mighty yummy– I love their turkeyburgers.

  2. Greg says:

    @Jon-Wow thanks for the tip! I’ll definitelyi check it out. I had not heard of it!
    The thing every Philadelphian has told me is that without those specially baked rolls, it’s almost impossible to replicate the famous sandwich…kinda like bagels from NYC taste different than those “hamburger buns with holes in them” too many people sell here…

  3. Duuuuuude! I am so hungry fo chick’n wings now. Hmmmm… maybe I shall have to ride to the Church one and grab some for TV at 9 this rainy Monday night. Rain , please stop. I must get me some chick’n wings. [pleading look up to sky]

  4. Greg says:

    @CreativeCoquette: Actually for your neighborhood you don’t need to go that far – there’s a Burgermeister on Columbus that’s a short bus ride away!

  5. TheRobin says:

    OK what’s up with not even a mention of their wicked awesome happy hour? $2.50 beers and wine 4-7pm EVERY single night of the week my freinds…

  6. Greg says:

    @TheRobin: Eeyikes! You’re right! Mea culpa!

  7. Fritz says:

    I was just thinkin’ the other day that it’s impossible to find a decent wings place here in the Bay Area. I’ve seen Burgermeister but never ventured in. I’ll have to give it a shot.

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