Hot Dog We Have a Weiner: Meet Pica, Our First Duboce Park Dog of the Week!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist recycling that line from the Simpsons
I’m happy to announce the first entry in the N-Judah Chronicles’ new feature, Duboce Park Dog of the Week, where we’ll be featuring our fellow citizens’ dogs! And who doesnt like a good dog picture to break up a boring workday, right?
Pica (short for Picante) is a feisty little 2-year old pug that likes to go to the park and to the beach. Her “mom”, Ellen Sherrod, takes Pica out when she’s not busy running Ellen Sherrod Design, an award winning print and web design company based in San Francisco.
Want your dog featured in the N-Judah Chronicles? Email me your info and a picture of your dog. Who knows? Maybe yours will be the next Duboce Park Dog of the Week!

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2 Responses to Hot Dog We Have a Weiner: Meet Pica, Our First Duboce Park Dog of the Week!

  1. shalaco says:

    But that picture was taken at the beach?

  2. Greg says:

    Um, yeah. You see, I was jump starting the feature, and my friend had a better photo of Pica at the beach than at the park in this particular case.
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the time to comment. If you have a dog you’d like featured, or have a friend who has one, feel free to email in with your suggestions, dude.

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