Weirdo On Wheels ! An “Only in SF” Moment…

So there I am, taking the Mighty N-Judah downtown recently, and we make the usual stop at Duboce and Church St. Usually there’s not much to see, except the usual assortment of waiting passengers, etc. Just the same ol’ scene.

Then I look out the window and catch an “only in SF” moment when I see this wild-eyed weirdo running around the N-Judah stop, with that whole “I’m either on meth, crack or just so crazy I don’t care if I go and who I take with me” look. In other words, just the kind of fellow one wants to share the bus stop with.

Not only was he drinking out of a rather large flask, he then got on one of those scooters meant for disabled people and/or seniors and started driving around in the street! Needless to say, it was a bit bizarre, and made for camera phone moment.

So I took a few pics, although my camera phone wasn’t quick enough to get a shot of the guy giving me the finger once he realized he was being recorded for the masses. Class-see.

Just another day on the N-Judah line….

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