Misc. Updates to the N-Judah Chronicles Site

Loyal Readers: I’ve been making some changes to the site lately to hopefully make it easier for you, the reader to find the information you’re looking for, as well as add some new features.
First off, you’ve no doubt noticed the Flickr badge in the right-hand column, showcasing a photoset of mine focused on San Francisco. In addition to the Flickr Badge, I am now posting more pictures, more often at my Flickr site, adding notes and commentary when appropriate.
Some end up as full-fledged entries of their own, using the Flickr API, but many others do not, due to time and space restrictions, yet are still worth checking out. Eventually, when I get a better camera, I plan on doing some rides from end-to-end of the more colorful MUNI routes, once the weather gets better.
I’ve also made it easier to search past entries by making it clearer that the former “Categories” section in the right hand column is actually an archive of all past entries, seperated by topic. Thus, if you want to read every posting on the subject of MUNI Follies, you can click on the subject name and find ’em all.
Year-based archives are coming later, as I need a third-party solution to create them. Why the folks who make Movable Type don’t make this standard is beyond me.
Finally, if you’re just aching to find some specific comment, entry, or whatever, there’s a new “Search Past Entries” box toward the bottom of the right-hand column where you can type in any search term and find what you’re looking for.
Thanks for reading, and be sure to email your tales of MUNI woe, City life, and more to share with your fellow citizens! 700,000 people ride MUNI every day – there’s always a story of note going on somewhere!

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