Your Thoughts on the Etiquette and Protocol of MUNI

A while back our friends at had some reader-inspired suggestions for MUNI manners.
Many of the suggestions mirrored ones I’ve thought about myself at times (i.e. proper behavior on a crowded bus, etc.). However there’s one rule of etiquette and basic practicality that needs to be drummed into our fellow citizens’ heads – let people off the bus or train first, so that you may board quicker.
It amazes me how people rush on to the train, as if they don’t get on that train or bus they’ll be left behind to be vanquished by the oncoming hordes of Vandals or something, not realizing that if they let the people getting off faster, they’ll get on their precious train or bus faster. You’d think this would be obvious but every time I push to get off a downtown MUNI train or bus, I’m amazed.
What are some suggested MUNI manners you’d like to see? Submit them via the comments section below!

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10 Responses to Your Thoughts on the Etiquette and Protocol of MUNI

  1. Amen to the boarding-yield.
    Hmmm, a couple things come to mind:
    1. Seat spacing. The trick is sitting far enough away such that you’re not popping someone’s bubble, but not too far away that others think you’re trying to avoid them.
    Two to three seats in any direction is usually pretty reasonable depending on how full it is.
    Then again, I overthink this stuff *way* too much.
    2. Outer-vs-Inner seat yield
    When your sitting in the inner seat and notice that the outer seat has requested a stop. Don’t act so surprised (or if you’re really a jerk, don’t get up) when the outer seat tries to get out at the next stop.
    Depending on the mood of the day, asking where fellow riders are getting off can actually be a pretty good front porch.
    On another note, I think it rather sucks how little we interact while commuting. Most folks take solo trips, and we tend to build funky personal bubbles.
    Physical space? Cram on in.
    Personal space? Uh… don’t talk to me.

  2. T says:

    1. SOAP. It’s your friend.
    2. If you’re a funky, old and or drunk man don’t take advantage of a young girl sitting by herself next to the window and box her in. Also, don’t touch her.
    You’d be surprised how often this happens.
    I am now an edge hog and have a large personal space bubble.

  3. DG says:

    I also extremely frustrating to climb over people who camp by the door instead of filling the empty space at the back of the bus or the middle of a street car.
    I notice this in the mornings especially, getting on the N-Judah at Church & Duboce. Everyone wants the spot by the door so they can lean against it. While I love that spot too, those people who stake out those spots make getting on a huge ordeal.

  4. jwb says:

    Remove your backpack, purse, or other luggage and either hold it in front of you or set it on the floor by your feet. A lot of these heavily burdened riders, especially women, could really be charged two fares for the amount of space their luggage consumes.
    Oh, and long, pointy shoes that stick way out in the aisle should be good for a 25¢ surcharge.

  5. gnatzav says:


  6. TB says:

    Yes, let the people out before you get in.
    Also, if the train is packed full, don’t try to get on.
    See, it’s FULL; as in, “There’s no more room”.
    Also, if a train is full, and two people get off, that means only two of you get to get on, not the 14 of you that would LIKE TO get on.
    I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to take the next train.

  7. TB2 says:

    NO loud obnoxious cell phone conversations. Keep ’em short and to the point (less than 1 min.). No one wants to hear you gab on and on at the top of your lungs.
    “what are you up to? I haven’t talked to you in like, years.”
    [and for some reason i decided to call you on a crowded bus.]

  8. glenn says:

    On escalators – WALK on the right – RUN down to catch the train sitting there on the Left.
    Please please please people, when you see a train sitting there with doors open and the bell dinging, and you hear thundering footsteps behind you – for the love of god get out of the way!!!!

  9. Liz says:

    Thou shalt not trim thy nails on the bus.
    Thou shalt not get on the bus unless thou hast bathed within the past 48 hours.
    If thou hast shat thy pants, thou shalt not get on the bus.
    If thou insisteth on sitting in the outer seat while the inner seat is empty, thou shalt stand up to let someone sit on the inner seat rather than forcing them to climb over thee, thou selfish twat.
    Thou shalt not spread thy legs apart and take up two seats. There ist no way thy penis requires such prodigious space, no matter how large it appears in thy mind’s eye.
    Thou shalt not get on the bus if thee hast not taken thy anti-schizophrenia medication faithfully.
    Thou shalt not converse with thy companions on the bus in a loud tone of voice, nor shout into thy cell phone.
    Thou shalt not bring smelly food onto the bus, nor discard the container on the floor or seat when thou hast finished thy repast.
    Thou shalt leave thy ghetto blaster at home.
    Oh, hell, I’ll just walk.

  10. Will_Easton says:

    Thou shalt not pole-hug. You know, when someone wants to read their book on a crowded train, and leans on/makes love to one of the vertical poles, such that no one else can grab hold. If you can’t read on the train with one hand, don’t read on the train. And, don’t be surprised when I grab hold of the pole anyway; I’ll try my best to avoid your boob, but if that pole is the only thing I can grab…well..

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