Don’t Forget! Starting Tomorrow, NO N-Judah Service To Caltrain & The Ballpark!

UPDATE JUNE 29th: N-Judah service HAS BEEN RESTORED TO THE BALLPARK! If you found this page on Google, please disregard it and read this update instead!
Hey Giants Fans! Don’t forget – if you’re going to the game tomorrow, the N Judah will no longer take you to PacBell/AT&T/SBC park!
Our friends at MUNI have posted this easy to read and understand page chock full of information, for your review! (
Well, let me amend that last statement. Yes, there is lots of information there, but it’s arranged in such an incoherent manner, it might prove a bit confusing. Esp. the downloadable map – which is completely wrong!
You’d think in a city that’s at the center of all sorts of internet innovation, MUNI might have a website that’s at least somewhat easy to use.

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2 Responses to Don’t Forget! Starting Tomorrow, NO N-Judah Service To Caltrain & The Ballpark!

  1. Jamison says:

    That they’ve chosen this week to remove all the signs from the Downtown stations certainly isn’t helping.
    The launch date for full service was very badly timed and had they made the change one week earlier they could have had new signs and information in place before the first game.

  2. Mike says:

    Geez, so many mistakes. The map shows the N going to King & 4th instead of the T and J. It shows the shuttle from West Portal, while the shuttles really start at Castro. Lots of confusing information about how to take the Metro bus service.
    Jamison makes a good point – why didn’t they launch the T one week earlier, so that ballpark service was the same all season?

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