Friday Foto Fun: Critical Mass, Park Life Gallery, and Mayhem on Geary Street

In what is becoming an almost weekly ritual, I have another Flickr Photo Set of various events from Friday afternoon and evening.
Among the notable events – Critical Mass folks at the Ferry Building, art and more at Park Life Gallery and Store on Clement Street, and a really bad accident that happened on Geary and 3rd while I was on the way home (and watching the media copters cover the cookie monsters on wheels).
More today if I get a chance…if you’re not already outside enjoying today’s weather, get away from the computer and do so now!

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3 Responses to Friday Foto Fun: Critical Mass, Park Life Gallery, and Mayhem on Geary Street

  1. Eugene says:

    I was downtown on the 38 much later that evening and saw a bunch of bicyclists passing the bus on the right and cutting in front of it making the driver brake. I am still unsure why they were protesting against a Muni bus.

  2. Jeffrey Baker says:

    I love your blog as always, but I am bemused by your latest photo set. You seem to save up your invective for the end of the month to unleash on some recreational bicyclists taking advantage of their .5% of the month. But you don’t seem to have anything to say about the dipstick on the motorcycle who botched up the 38/38L, the busiest bus line in the city, for hours. Every day there is some ridiculous motorist cock-up that obstructs Muni, but you seem to be willing to overlook that.

  3. Greg says:

    @Jeff: Thanks for your comment. I think you may have misinterpreted some of my remarks.
    I don’t “hate” bicyclists (one of the contirbutors to this site is a regular cyclist for work) – rather I offered a more bemused take on the whole bit of nonsense that the media helped create.
    As for the motorcyclist – Although yes, the guy was a fool for running a red and ramming a car (and yes, causing delays on Geary) the fact is the guy was thrown HALF A BLOCK and would most likely be dead had it not been for the fact he had a helmet on.
    In the latter, I could case on the guy more for running the red and causing the traffic jam. But, no matter how “dumb” this guy was, I don’t believe he deserves the freakin’ death penalty for what was a dumb move. Jeez, I’m not that harsh. (and like wise I don’t believe in the mandatory beating of bicyclists either, which some would have you believe just because I’m not 100% in agreement with a faction of them)
    Instead, I wanted to show some pictures of how average citizens got together to try and help the motorcylclist, the driver (who was not at fault in this situation) AND move traffic as best they could until the police and medics arrived.
    All CM has to do is give way just a bit on these big bike rides and everyone wins. Too often these days everyone is so angry and militant they can’t see reason. Yes, bikes get the shaft all the time, but so do ALL OF US.
    Until we all learn to live together like civilized citizens where mutual respect and following reasonable rules allow us all to enjoy our lives, NO ONE wins.

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