MUNI Street Theater: Grindhouse Horror Edition AKA Today’s Evening Commute

Today we have another potential MUNI Street Theater production, and it’s potentially a grindhouse horror film.
Like all horror movies, it starts out just fine – if you look outside the weather promises to be outstanding! The potential victims go about their day as if nothing will go wrong. And like in all grindhouse horror films, that’s usually the calm before the storm.
Now, you can almost count on delays at this point, in particular on our Beloved N. If I wrote about every lengthy delay I’ve had on the line this week I’d fill up the server with endless tales of woe. Despite the assurances from the bureau-bots that “everything is fine”, well, it isn’t. Reading the comments and e-mails from Loyal Readers is just reinforcing that observation.
Then, of course, the lovely people of “Critical Mass” will be having their taxpayer-sponsored fun today. You all know what I think of these games, and how the City plays favorites with “fun” in this town.
I’m not one to help the Powers That Be fuel tensions, but instead suggest to those of you who work downtown to take off early today. It’s a sunny day anyway – why not cut out of work early with some plausible made-up excuse, go meet with friends elsewhere, and enjoy the day as best you can, instead of fighting MUNI, traffic, and 1000s of angry people (who are still mad about a stolen cookie or something) for hours and hours after work?
That’s the best way to avoid MUNI Street Theater: Grindhouse Horror Edition, and enjoy a great Friday! Feel free to post your experiences in the comments section this weekend!
SPECIAL NOTE: SF Weekly is taking votes for their “Best Of” issue and if you are so inclined, I’d love it if you voted the N Judah Chronicles “Best Blog.” Drinks on the blog if Mason and I win!

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3 Responses to MUNI Street Theater: Grindhouse Horror Edition AKA Today’s Evening Commute

  1. Jeff says:

    If only leaving work early was an available option…
    So, I guess it’s not my imagination that the N is crawling along more slowly than usual (even in the avenues, where there’s generally less traffic and congestion). Waited for an outbound N for 30 minutes last night at 6:30…natch, when one showed up there were two other two-car trains a few blocks behind it. This was for a short 20-block trip to the outer avenues.
    Why is the bunching so bad these days? I know the trains are having a harder time turning around at the Embarcadero than anticipated, but it almost seems like there are fewer Ns on the tracks.

  2. Greg says:

    @Jeff: you and I got caught in the same snafu last night…I am amazed at how long one now has to wait between 3-7 pm even if you’re in the Sunset or Cole Valley and just want to take a short trip down the line…more often than not lately I just walk…which is fine for me since I can walk, but I imagine this is tough for seniors.
    There doesn’t seem to be an answer for the issues you raise…according to Nate Ford and to hear it from the Chronicle things are “getting better”, but when you then hear him say there’s longterm problems that are contributing, you have to wonder – which is it?
    Personally I’m just pissed they took the only line that was sort of on time and really frakked it up. And tonight should be extra fun with the kids and the warm weather.
    Calgon, take me away.

  3. meinWestAdd says:

    I don’t even know what critical mass is.
    I no longer know what’s up with the N, but I don’t feel bad for moving across the park. However, now one must deal with the nightmare that is the 38. Today’s unpleasantness dealt with an ornery senior citizen shouting at citizens: “Don’t touch me! The constitution protects my rights to privacy! Don’t touch me! I’m allergic to liberals!”
    I thought that last line made it appropriate that he lived in San Francisco. Right.

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