Giants Fans! Starting June 30th, The N Goes To AT&T Park and Caltrain as God Intended

Big news, folks! Starting tomorrow, June 30th, the N-Judah once again goes all the way to AT&T Park and Caltrain, just as God intended. For those of you going to the Giants game tomorrow, you can disregard previous bulletins and board the N like you used to for all those times you went to the ballpark, pre-T Third calamity.

If you’re not going to the game tomorrow, why not drop by the pre-scripted fun in North Beach and find a creative way to cut through the chatter and let Mayor Newsom what you think should be done to improve MUNI!

Either way, have fun, play safe, and enjoy your weekend!

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3 Responses to Giants Fans! Starting June 30th, The N Goes To AT&T Park and Caltrain as God Intended

  1. I still don’t get why you say this. You don’t want to take the N-Judah to the ballpark or to Caltrain unless you have a disability and need to get off right in front. Get off at Powell, and take the 30 or 45 down 4th street, or one of the other lines that goes that way. It’s going to be a lot faster than taking the N (or transfer from N to T or J.)
    Unless your destination is Folsom or Brannan station I can’t see any reason to rejoice in that change.
    Ok, I have a selfish reason. I often get on the N outbound at Embarcadero, and now it’s a nice empty N and I get a seat even at rush hour. This will end on the 30th.
    (At rush hour though, you are actually better inbound to take the 16?X to Van Ness station and transfer to an earlier N (or any other subway train) than you would have caught in the outer sunset.

  2. Eric in SF says:

    Brad – a lot of people will not ride a bus. Yes, us transit nerds know switching at Powell to a bus can be faster, but that means getting back to the surface and waiting on a bus. Tourists and suburbanites are even more afraid of getting on a bus – with good measure, since none of those routes are signed appropriately to guide an occasional transit user to the ballpark.
    This change also means that there won’t be massive crowds at Embarcadero during rush hour. There are a LOT of workers at the Gap and other buildings who use the N-Judah and it just makes sense for them to have a single-seat trip home.

  3. I’m still not getting it. Tourists and Suburbanites are not going to the sunset much on transit. Some may want GG park but if they get on the muni past civic center it’s probably for the Castro. So just who does it benefit? Who are these people who do not ride a bus who want to ride from the Caltrain or Ballpark to Cole Valley or the Sunset? Why don’t they want to take a J-Church or a T-3rd just as much if not more?
    Yes, if you work at Gap and want to use Folsom station and go to the Sunset you will be pleased by the restoration of N-Judah along the Embarcadero. But you’re the only one. And if you live in Noe you’re annoyed you now have to change. And those of us boarding the N at Embarcadero or Monty are annoyed that it will have fewer seats for us, and all N riders will be annoyed because I will bet that Muni will not put on enough extra trains to compensate for the longer length of the N line.

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