Got Something to Say About MUNI? Tell it to The Mayor June 30th!

By now, most Loyal Readers, and frankly, most San Franciscans, have something to say about MUNI’s performance of late, and in general. Now, you have a chance to tell the guy who appoints the people who run MUNI exactly what you think at a so-called “Town Hall Meeting” on June 30th.
Now, bear in mind that these things are highly rehearsed affairs, where they screen the questions, and the Mayor tends to punt most questions to “staff,” who do the work of sounding out the latest MUNI press release, or whatever. In other words, if you’re looking for a chance to let Mayor Newsom know what you think about MUNI, playing by the rules won’t work.
Instead, show up and be prepared to raise your voice. Make a scene. Be funny. Be silly. Do something to get your views known. For example, show up wearing a fashionable N Judah Chronicles T shirt, and in your own subtle way let the folks at MUNI and City Hall know you’re letting folks know just what a day on MUNI is really like.
Or, just show up in an Adama for President shirt. Either way, it’ll at least make a boring “meeting” more fun!

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