Reader Mail: Prelude To A Day of Delay on a Friday

Loyal Readers: I didn’t have access to a computer most of this afternoon as I took a much needed respite from all things Internet. But I, like many of you, got stuck on enough MUNI trains today to finally abandon the N, et al for a bus (n my case the 6-Parnassus).
It wasn’t all bad – I ran into my dad and got to talk to him briefly, and I saw 25 of the most well behaved children in San Francisco get on the bus and act like civilized human beings. To the adults with these kids, all I can say is keep doing what you’re doing.
But that was after getting this message just before leaving this morning from Reader Chris, who wrote:

Hi Greg,
I continue to enjoy your blog, so please keep it up! This morning, on the way into work downtown at about 7:15, the N-Judah driver stopped our train on Duboce right before the entrance to the Market St. tunnel and said that everyone should get off because the train ahead of him had just backed out of the tunnel and let everyone off, so there appeared to be a major snafu in the tunnel.
Everyone got off, grumbling of course; most headed down to Market, while a few of us headed up to Haight to catch a bus. On the down side, these kinds of incidents continue to show that Muni is headed in the wrong direction. On the up side, I got to know the 7-Haight bus a little better!

Right after that, I took off and ran into delay after delay after delay and realized I should have taken Reader Chris’s email as a warning sign. The most fun? Taking 15 minutes to travel between Civic Center and Van Ness Station! D’oh!
We can only hope that they fix this before tomorrow, when the big crowds are in town for the various parades. If you’re out and about, be aware that many of our visitors may be coming to town from cities, or even nations, where mass transit systems are run, a bit more, shall we say properly than ours. If you see someone looking quizzically at a map, or is unsure what to do, be an Ambassador of Goodwill and help them out.
Also, be sure to stop by the Blackthorn tomorrow. I stopped by and peeked at the improvements and they have done a hell of a job fixing the place up. Pictures this weekend!

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