Doin’ Jury Duty, Thinkin’ MUNI: Big Vote Tuesday, July 31st….

This week I’ve found myself trapped in the labrintyh known as the Hall of Justice for voir dire jury duty. And unlike the one in SuperFriends, there’s no TroublAlert computer (but there is the ongoing nuttiness involving Sup. Ed Jew).
As such, I can’t attend the Board of Supervisors meeting where they’ll be voting on the now-infamous MUNI Reform Charter Amendment. There’s some things to like about this, and some that are kind of lame (why, oh why, is it an article of faith amongst SPUR and Rescue MUNI that public input on who runs MUNI is a Satanic Verse?), but at this point, I like it if only because it’s putting the Mayor and the Board on the spot as to whether all their “greenie feel good talk” is for real or not.
If you’ve been a reader or a commenter here, I urge you to take a look at the measure yourself, and if you feel so inclined, tell the Board and the Mayor what you think. It’s part and parcel of the San Francisco lifestyle to bitch about MUNI – now we have a chance to vote up or down at least one attempt to try and move things along. Either way, check it out and enjoy the mayhem at tomorrow’s meeting!

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3 Responses to Doin’ Jury Duty, Thinkin’ MUNI: Big Vote Tuesday, July 31st….

  1. Nick says:

    Like I said on the SF Cityscape forum, it is appalling that buisness interests would oppose Muni reform when they know that fixing Muni and running it more efficiently is in their best interests, if not everyone’s. Most buisnesses in San Francisco would not be in Buiesness without Muni and the customers it brings them and the parking spaces they leave empty.

  2. transit troublemaker says:

    BOS torpedoed improving Geary 38 service in the Tenderloin. In the pre ‘prop E’ days it was the BOS who ultimately approved the fraudulent budgets claiming to preserve the published service pattern while knowingly providing insufficient funds to do so.
    Mind you MTA seems to do the same.
    BOS also signed labor contracts with IMHO overly generous provisions.
    remember the magazine readers in the second and third cabs of trains in the tunnel? Course the elected AC Transit BOD are equally uncaring and regularly shaft their riders.

  3. Greg says:

    @TT: once again, thank you for your comments!
    you make a good point. it’s also important to remember that was when the board was elected citywide, with only the top vote getters seated, and during a time when the Mayor at the time would remove Board Members to new jobs, paving the way to appoint his own people..eventually getting the majority needed to rubber stamp his legislation.

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