Jury Duty Day 3….Gavin on the N…and the NJC on SFist (again)

So I’m stuck on jury duty (again) and at Caffe Roma on Bryant for lunch (again) but this time I’m armed with the laptop and checking in on all things online during the lunch break.

SFist Leanne has once again featured one of my “found” photos, and I once again say thanks for the link. And as is the custom at SFist these days, an innocent snapshot becomes the fodder for a troll war. C’mon kids, it’s just a picture taken for fun!

Also, in the “SFist Contribute” section, an anonymous contributor noted that Our Mayor was on the N Judah this morning around 9am. Too bad I was stuck in court for jury duty – I might have had to ask Mr. Invincible about that problem with the Irving/9th and Judah/9th intersections that make life miserable for cars, pedestrians, businesses and MUNI….

Back to the courtroom…is it just me or is waiting to be put on the panel for jury duty kind of like being on “The Price Is Right” but without any Turtle Wax or chances to win a new car?

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