So How Was Your Commute Today?

So how was your commute today?
The Chronicle reports no major dramas, so far, and my own limited experience has been fine. In fact, today was the first time in like, forever, that I went to Safeway on Market, exited the store and a virtually empty N-Judah car pulled up, around 4ish, and was air conditioned quite nicely! I was shocked.
I took a few pics of a very busy Duboce and Church intersection as several J’s were changed to N Outbound, one N was changed to a J Outbound, and so on.
And, in a bit of irony, some hapless volunteers were out at the 9th and Irving N Judah stop trying to get signatures to get Mayor Newsom on the ballot. Somehow, I think anyone running for re-election in this town might wanna consider alternate venues….
How was your day? If nothing else, the weather was really great today! Not a hint of fog, even in the Sunset!

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6 Responses to So How Was Your Commute Today?

  1. omnicrondelicious says:

    My morning commute was just fine. A little traffic once the N went underground towards downtown but nothing particularly painful. Cross your fingers that this is a sign of things to come…

  2. Jim says:

    I didn’t take it this morning, but I took it home from Caltrain. It was beautiful. On a normal day, two busses (30/45 and 6/7/71) get me home at 7:30. Today I got home at that time, and that’s with a 15 minute Caltrain delay. Hooray! Let’s hope this keeps up!

  3. Jamison says:

    There was at least a small snag at Castro Station inbound this morning which made a 20 minute or so trip to Fourth & King around twice that, but if that was the worst of it then this would be an amazing start to weekday service.
    Strangely though, the PA broadcast a notice from Central Control which was obviously meant for the operators. I started off like a police bulletin, “Attention all units, please let your passengers know we have no delays, but there is heavy traffic in the MMT.” The voice repeated they had no delays but traffic was slow through the Muni Metro Turnback, the section of tunnel after Embarcadero Station with a third track in the center for turning the trains around.
    If heavy traffic is slowing down trains, and the one I was on was stopped several times in the tunnel then again just after it came to the surface keeping me from getting to work, how exactly is that different than a delay?

  4. Taylor says:

    Yesterday’s commute was great. Unfortunately today’s (Tuesday) wasn’t so great – some kind of breakdown in the tunnel around 7:40. I guess having more than one day in a row of decent commutes is too much to ask. Waited about 15 minutes until they cleared it up, then sat at the tunnel entrance for another 5 mins.

  5. dweendaddy says:

    7/03/06: I arrived at Embarcadero at 08:38 and arrived at Irving/Arguello at 09:42. What happened? No N train for 20+ minutes, then when it came it was slow. At Church and Duboce it broke down and we all had to get out and switch to the one behind (which had to go on to church and turn around to make way for the multiple J-trains behind it). The N line appears to be in serious problems.

  6. Blue says:

    I was motivated to start my own muni blog today and I don’t even like blogging! Of course, you, among others, have beat me to it. (Thanks).
    Today it took over an hour to get from Van Ness to Cole Valley at 2:00 PM on a weekday. I could have walked if I had known not to wait like an idiot (and because there is a really big hill in the way).
    I’m going to leave out the gory details because the main point of this post is to point out the absurdity of needing an hour to get anywhere within a 3 mile radius in a major metropolitan city.
    Why is it so hard to run a public transportation system? Why???

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